Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile floors offer a very attractive and durable alternative to other floor finishes. They come in many different sizes and colors to match the décor of any room and they can provide years of maintenance-free use. Additionally, ceramic tiles are fairly easy to install.

Choosing a floor tile design can be very intimidating because the choices are endless. First, tile can be used in any room in the home, and second, there are so many different types of tile to choose from. The best place to start is from the area you plan to install it. The location can dictate the tile type and design that will work best. Here’s a good plan of attack:
• Start with the install location (bathroom, kitchen, sunroom, etc.)
• Choose a theme or color scheme (Fruit or vegetable patterns are possible themes for a kitchen, seashells for a bathroom)
• Select your design elements; color, texture, patterns (you can often add accent pieces to your tile design for even more variety and visual appeal)
• Quality of Tile is important – thin tile takes less abuse. Ceramic Tile is among the most versatile in style, color and durability.
• Method of installation, tile contractor or Do-it-yourself project? There are many qualified tile installers out there. Or you can easily do it yourself if you take the time to learn about adhesives, tools, floor underlayment etc. Keep in mind that a floor that is not laid correctly will crack or buckle through time.