One of the most difficult decisions that face you when you are remodeling your bathroom is the design of the ceramic tiles. Not only do you need to decide on the color and patterns on the tiles but you also have to consider how much of your bathroom you’re going to cover with ceramic. There are so many different variations of all this that it can get pretty overwhelming.

In a small bathroom not only there is a lack of space but little bathrooms can also feel small and cramped if you get the design wrong. The trick is to give your bathroom a light airy feeling. Plenty of light helps and so does a mirror or two on the walls. Choosing a light colored ceramic tile was the key to opening up my small bathroom because it reflects the available light and gives the impression that the room is larger than it really is.
You don’t have to stick with the same arrangement of ceramic tiles in the shower but it’s good to use the same colors and stick to the same theme.

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